Miller on Education

Arthur L. Miller

Arthur L. Miller headed up the Department of Education for the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod from the 1940’s into the 1960’s. The following encapsulates his desire for Lutheran parish schools in America:

        “The Lutheran School provides a unified program of Christian education. All school subjects are taught from the Christian point of view, and the Bible is used not only for instruction in the Christian religion, but also as the basis for both discipline and motivations. Actually there are no secular subjects in a Lutheran school, for God’s Word guides both pupils and teachers in the preparation of the lesson, in the class discussions, and in the application of the lessons to life. This means that in the Lutheran school the Word of God influences everything that the children learn and it serves as a unifying and organizing force in the school program.” - Arthur Miller, Why Lutheran Schools?, LCMS pamphlet, circa 1950