Thursday, July 28, 2016

Uniform Supply List

Everyday Uniform
Dark red, white, or navy blue polo shirt
Navy blue or khaki pants, skirt, jumper, or skort
Denim is not acceptable
Leggings are not considered “pants”
Skirts should reach to or below the knee
Navy, white, or red turtle necks or plain t-shirts may be worn under the polo
Navy blue, dark red, or white cardigan with buttons or zipper or a dress jacket is acceptable (not required). No hooded or pull-over sweaters allowed
Solid Brown or black dress belt (plain, not braided, tooled, or jeweled)
Brown or black dress shoes or boots (no tennis shoes, hiking boots, or crocks)
Martin Luther Grammar School patch (provided by school)

Dress Uniform
Worn every Friday and at school performances and field trips
Navy blue polo top (long or short sleeve)
Khaki pants
Brown or black dress belt
Brown or black dress shoes
Martin Luther Grammar School patch

Immanuel Academy/Logic Level Uniform Options
As students mature into the Logic/Dialectic Stage, the Headmaster and Teachers may allow the following additions to the MLGS Uniform, which shall also be designated as the uniform of Immanuel Academy
White or French blue button shirt or blouse
Solid or red/navy striped tie or scarf
The MLGS patch may be worn on the blazer, tie, or scarf in an appropriate manner
Dress uniform shall include:
Navy Blazer
Upon entry into Immanuel Academy, scholars will substitute:
Immanuel Academy Patch (provided by school)

2016-2017 MLGS/IA School Supply Lists

MLGS Supply List 2016-17

K-1:    ___Crayola crayons (8 box)

2-7:     ___a mechanical pencil with extra lead and erasers or a pack of disposable mechanical pencils (this will need to be resupplied throughout the year)
    ___3” x  5”  note cards
___package of Sharpie permanent colored markers (to share)

All students:
    ___Expo Dry Erase (not thin) markers & old sock
    ___Bottle Hand Sanitizer

___3 Glue sticks
___white school glue
___Ruler w/inches & centimeters
___5” x 8” pencil box
___Pink eraser or eraser pencil
___12 or 30 Pack Twistable colored pencils (not the 18 – doesn’t have basic colors)
___3 pocket folders (red, blue, and green)
___1 package:  Three ring binder paper (wide ruled)
___1: 3” Three ring binder for yearly binder
___1: 1 ½ ” Three ring binder for homework
___2 Boxes of Kleenex
___Gym shoes
___SMALL Backpack (remember we have limited space)
___Water bottle
___Box of non-perishable snacks (for extra when needed not for daily use)
___ Fiskars Scissors

New students will also need:
___1 Mead Composition Notebook (wide ruled) for Bible notebook
___1 Mead Composition Notebook (wide ruled) for sentence notebook
___1 Mead Composition Notebook (wide ruled) for spelling notebook
___Watercolor paints (Prang or Crayola basic set only)

    Please let us comment on the above list.  Mechanical pencils break so easily it is difficult for our younger students to use them, we do however require them for our upper classmates, but they will still need a small box of Ticonderoga for math.
    To help your child keep a tidy desk, I strongly urge you to send a small pencil box (5”x8”).  Pocket folders will be used to keep the students papers organized.  The three distinct colors will help your child to do so quickly and easily.
    The amount of nourishment our children need changes daily, we ask that you keep a box of non-perishable snacks for days your child feels extra is needed and continue to send daily snacks with their lunch.

MLGS Staff

Immanuel Academy
Supply List 2016-2017

___Trapper Keeper (for homework)
___ 3” Three ring binder (for yearly)
___Package of wide ruled three ring binder paper
___ Subject Dividers for three ring binder
___Pack Dry Erase Markers (not thin) and an old sock
___Ruler (clear with inches and centimeters)
___Mechanical Pencil with extra lead and erasers
___Package of Sharpie permanent colored markers to share
___12 or 30 pack Twistable colored pencils
___Metal compass
___Scientific Calculator ($7 to $10 variety)
___2 boxes of Kleenex
___Gym Shoes
___ Box of non-perishable snacks
___Water Bottle