About MLGS


Martin Luther Grammar School was founded in August of 2003 on the campus of Immanuel Lutheran Church across the street from Memorial Hospital in Sheridan, Wyoming. We have grown from seven students the first year to a high of twenty-five students in grades K-5. We currently offer Kindergarten through Grade Five. 

Parents of prospective students are always welcome to come by and visit with the teachers, observe in the classroom, or talk to our Headmaster and Teachers about MLGS and Classical Education.


Martin Luther Grammar School is a member of the Association of Classical and Christian Schools (www.accsedu.org) and has submitted an application for accreditation with The Consortium for Classical and Lutheran Education (www.ccle.org). We seek to train young minds to think, young hearts to care, and young hands to serve. 

Our goal is to raise up Christian leaders for the coming generation that godliness might once again guide our
churches and our nation. We praise our God, we honor our country, we respect our school families, and we challenge our students to be achievers and believers. We offer Sheridan families an alternative that is academically and morally superior to the government schools.

Trained and committed Christian teachers guide the students at MLGS to acquire the Biblical ideals of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom in an environment that teaches respect, responsibility, and righteousness.


"This is why I so strongly support the Christian classical education movement that is beginning to spread across the country. It combines the two historic goals of a quality education: the cultivation of knowledge and the cultivation of character. It shows us the continuum in the intellectual history of the West that goes back to the Greco-Roman era and, therefore, enables us to better understand our own postmodern era.

“If we cut ourselves off from the past, we can’t understand the present. And it’s particularly critical, in my mind, for Christians to understand the philosophical and cultural currents that have shaped our society....

“I believe that every serious Christian needs to be classically grounded, not only to understand the history of
our own civilization, but also to contend for truth in the marketplace. So I hope that you will check for a classical Christian school in your area—as a place for your kids and as a cause to support.”

—Chuck Colson
Break Point Commentary
November 8, 2005


“Where the Holy Scriptures do not rule, 
I certainly advise no one to send his child. 
I greatly fear that schools will become wide gates to hell 
if they do not diligently teach the Holy Scriptures.”

—Martin Luther

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